A mosaic of a burnt ruin

Mexican smalti, gold smalti
This mosaic was made for the 30:30 Transformations Exhibition by MAANZ in Canberra, 2019.
Life after death. Beauty from ashes. This image depicts the new flowers growing from a burnt log after tragedy of a fire. This mosaic represents different levels of transformation. Physically, the power of nature after a fire. Emotionally, the house and scattered items represent things in our lives we build up and trust in but can be lost and turned to ash. Flowers represent the beauty of character that can come forth if we allow loss to lead to transformation. Spiritually, the title comes from Isaiah 61:3, where God promises to give beauty for ashes, as He brings restoration in our lives after loss. This was my experience of surviving domestic violence, as God gave me a new life & new hope after loss.