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I began my foray into painting by taking some classes where we learnt to paint the Impressionists in an afternoon. I really enjoyed this style of art, especially the colour and movement in them. These are the painting I produced.


I then began to study portrait painting, especially working with Bold Colour style.

A bold colour portrait
Porteait of a lady looking up
A portrait of Charlotte
A portrait of a boy
A portrait of Calvin

Prophetic paintings

These paintings have a wonderful message for the viewer. Click on each painting to read the meaning.

Painting of a table
Painting of a secret garden
painting of a waterfall
Porteait of a lady looking up
painting of a waterfall
A painting of a tree blowing
Painting of children in heaven


Watercolour of Irises
Watercolour of a mountain lake
Watercolour of Lorikeets
A painting of a waterfall
Watercolour of Sydney Harbour
watercolour of an old house
Watercolour of Anenome

Digital Art

Fluid Art & Mixed Media


Malabar, Sydney, Australia