About the Artist…

Helen Burman

I am a mosaic artist living in Sydney, Australia. I fell in love with mosaics several years ago, and love working with the diverse colours and textures available. I enjoy making mosaics that are both beautiful and also practical, but most of all those that communicate a message to the observer. 
To increase my skills, I also took up acrylic painting in 2019, and now have a second avenue for artistic expression. I love doing impressionist paintings, as they explore the beauty of nature and are full of colour and light.


My Inspiration

I am inspired by the beauty of creation, the wonderful colours and light and movement. I am inspired by the wonderful works of other artists and to experiment with different mediums. My primary inspiration comes from my faith in God. The Word of God is filled with imagery which inspires the imagination, and I find that the Holy Spirit will show me pictures filled with meaning that I then try to create.  I have found such hope and strength in God throughout my life, even through the times of great pain, that I want to share this hope with others through the message of art.

Messianic Art

I have recently been exploring the area of Messianic Jewish art, both the history and current practice. We have started a regular art forum to bring together Messianic artists to share ideas and inspire others to create. I have began an online Messianic Art gallery to share the works of different artists who create works relating to the Jewish Messiah. Visit mjaa.org.au/arts to see it and learn more.

Current Memberships

  • Randwick Art Society
  • Mosaic Association of Australia & NZ
  • MJAA Messainic Art Forum
photo of artist with mosaic