A mosaic of a country scene
Psatoral Parables

In January I began working on a new mosaic for the front of my house. It was just in the planning stage when I received an email about the Easter Show art & craft exhibition. I decided to enter the mosaic – the race was then on to finish it by the due date!

The mosaic is a pastoral Australian scene, with wheat fields, mountains, vineyard & Australian birds & plants. It also depicts various parables that Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God. I wanted to combine the different teachings into one image as a storytelling device.

As the mosaic is going outdoors, I chose a waterproof, lightweight base, cement adhesive, and vitreous glass tiles. I also used sandstone from my garden, and some gravel & pebbles for the paths. The treasure chest and city are made from gold & copper Smalti.

The land behind the fence represents the Kingdom of God, with entry through the gate which is Jesus. The narrow path is our journey through the Kingdom until we reach the heavenly city. The path is not easy, with many ups & downs, but the destination is sure. As we travel this road we find that God provides for us. This is shown by the Chocolate Lilies (purple) in the field (Matt 6).

Our value to God is shown by the lost sheep, who the Shepherd Jesus leaves the flock behind (under the trees) in order to rescue. The tree which the sheep is sheltering under is the small mustard seed which grew to become the largest tree in which the birds nest. This teaches us about how the Kingdom grows and provides for those in need.

The value of the Kingdom to us is shown by the buried treasure, and pearl of great price. The value of fruitfulness in the kingdom is shown by the wheat field, while unfruitfulness by the withered fig tree. A small grain of faith produces a great harvest.

I was excited to hear that my work had been chosen to be displayed at the Show, and had received a Highly Commended ribbon.