Being in lockdown, while difficult for many people, was a motivation for me to get busy and creative. The time I usually spent running around, I was able to put to good use in setting up a studio in my house. It’s been wonderful to be able to just walk in to a room set up with all my supplies at hand and ready to go.

I have a great window view, good lighting and can keep the room warm – a positive upgrade to the bench in the dark, cold garage! Hubby is also happy to get his bench back.

The room has been great for inviting friends and family to join me in creating, with enough room for us all to spread out. I have enjoyed passing on mosaic skills to my daughter, granddaughters and friends so far, producing artworks, pot planters and jewellry.

New step…

As my productivity has increased, I’m embarking on a new step of creating a website to share my work with others, and to offer some works for sale. I’ll be posting updates on new works, and hope you’ll join my on the journey be encouraged by the messages of hope expressed by the mosaics.

Bye for now,